CCPA/ CalOPPA / Blah blah privacy statement

CCPA/ CalOPPA / COPPA/  Blah blah blah privacy statement

There are no Cookies on this website (not intentionally, I do have some great "sssuh cure ittea" thanks to my host   ) and i do not collect peoples data without permission in any form.

 I generally consider my content "All Ages" in terms of age audience--the majority of my viewers are beyond 15. There is generally light swearing, references to older obscure content, violence with occasional blood but no gore or occult mutilation. There are some sexual innuendoes implied -- mostly in word only-- and occasional provocative outfits, but I have yet to depict full nudity -- in the future if I ever have a scene on this website with gore, heavy weaponry, or explicit nudity I will put up an age restriction  warning sign as a gate. However, if it is seen that an age gate system would require anything too complex I will refrain from posting any of this adult content on                 

It's true that I sometimes do art-commissions for other people, but I do the discussion for it through other websites like Ko-Fi, Twitter , and chat applications like Skype or Discord and it's just because a client emailed me separately. Again, always with permission. I also only display the work I made for them if they agreed to letting me display it.   

Any other peoples' contact info that would ever have appeared in a resume or portfolio has been explicitly allowed by the client or partner-- if you have any serious doubts about that, and if not please contact them (if possible) and my email (frostey "aat" comcast "dott" net) saying its not OK, and i will remove it long before I receive another message about some kind of bloated fine.

I do not intend on listing anyone else's, from here on out's, contact information unless they give explicit permission or, more likely, encouragement to do so. Even then, I may delete their contact info listed later due to other issues such as ceasing ties with their business due to liability or additional privacy.     One of my favorite reasons to post links to other sites is to give them credit where credit is due for providing an idea, if they want to take that credit publicly.

Another potential case of info-sharing contained on this website, frostey dot net, comes in the form of outside URL links.  Whatever links to personal social media accounts on my site aside from any given with permission, but I will take a good look around the file base to determine whether anything needs to be remedied in that case.

As of this writing this website as it is presented does contain plenty of SWF files -- that is Flash player -- but   i can assure you that none of them require server-based data entry from the user. Still, as of December 5, 2019 until December 1, 2020 I will do everything in my power available to replace many of these SWF files with more system-compatible files (such as Vimeo or Vlare embeds, maybe build my own video embedding tool) due to the impending deactivation of Flash content.

Please note that, I Eben "Frostey" Selker, wrote this entire page as a placeholder for a Privacy Statement but I hope it answers your wonderfully eccentric privacy policy GEEKS' questions and so big brother doesn't just sue me because i was running a low quality lemonade stand.               

As of December 5th, 2019, no FURTHER content containing outside copyrights shall be published, only with exception to parody (covered by parody law) and previous content (let me know via frostey (aat) comcast (dooot) net whether there's concerns about that before anything explodes leaving inexplicable mess of watermelon seeds on your shirt. ok i'll stop with that   ). There is some fanart, mostly involving parody, and collaborations with other artists.                      

Also I'm going to just mention the 1st and 8th Amendment of US Consittuion right now, because this I wrote form sure isn't written very well, I'm getting tired of writing it and I just want to live a comfortable life, eat some pizza, and  take a walk in my favorite damp weather, darnit. 

Info current as of December 5th, 2019