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"Making thing what's wright for yew!" ™

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NEW! It's uFodda. An' it's wright for "yew!"

uFodda® is a wrightful eMail, music, an' othcr media playes!

Comes with a set of crappy headfones, a spuspiciously photoshopp'd HD screen, a storage case (almost pictured here) and prollly some makeshift keys. Oh, an' a broom, too.

uFodda®. What can uDoo?

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UFodda, item 13249898 : $897.82⅝¢

UFodda-Pizza com-bo, item 21932432: $853.63¼¢

Soda and headset com-bo, item 3843478766: $03.01¾¢

Other things, item 000000000002: $00.00⅞¢

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