Title: "Halloween Brunch Slide Show 2004"

    Made: October31, 2004(Started) November 11, 2004(Finished)

    Description: "When my family had this brunch party on Halloween 2004 after 2 other parties I had on the weekend, I realized during the beginning of the party that I have not been taking pictures at family parties when I should! So, I took some pictures, then, I thought that I should publish them with the help of a slide show I decided to make after the party! By the way, be sure to look out for some 'easter eggs'. Enjoy!"-Frostey

    Produced With the Help of:

•Macromedia® Flash™ (Not Macromedia® Flash™ 2004!)

•Adobe® Photoshop™ 6.0

•A digital camera (Kodak® EasyShare™)

•Kodak® EasyShare™ Software

My Laptop (obviously)


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