Title/ Tittel: "Moap/ Måpp"

    Made: Febuary 27, 2005 A.D.(Started) Decemeber 30, 2005 A.D.(Finished) Febuary 1st, 2005 A.D. Cubcumber 3.14159, 99996 P.D. (Edited)

Description: "This fake commercial started out as somthing in a storyboard for a cartoon that I never really made. Notice that, 'Moap,' is not spelled, 'Mope.' At the end of this cartoon, I have the kid having a rash. Before I edited this, the kid was supposed to have a rash, but he looked more like he was bloody. " -Eben "Frostey"

    Produced With the Help of/ Produsert ved hjelp av:

•Macromedia® Flash MX 2004 ™


My Computer (an IBM® thinkpad™ laptop)

•A digital camera (Kodak® Easy Share )

JAdobe Photoshop 6.1

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