art 2 - inversions/ambigrams

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Inversion- Bob Parks Here! ̣̣̣̃̃This is an inversion fôr a friênd of mine name'd, wêll, Bob Parks! 2006 Inversion- Cœur
Cœur is French fôr "heart." Fôr Valentines Day, I suppose. 2006 Inversion-Hundred Here! An inversion I made fôr a little groûp in school celebrateîng the 100th day of school. Early 2006
Inversion- ¹/¹² 2005 logo Here! A new logo which is an inversion, unlike the last one. My 3rd inversion. Flash MX 2005 . 2005 Inversion- Eben & Leah Here! My 3rd inversion. Now, which one comes first? Flash MX 2005. 2005 Inversion- Shay Here! An inversion I made fôr my grandfâther with faillîng health. 2006
Inversion-Lipton Here! The first inversion I made that involves the word "Lipton" spinning around. I know, it needs work. Flash MX 2005. 2005 Inversion- Hubbard Here! Tribute to a teacher of mine, who was leavîng the school fôr half of the year. Late 2005 Inversion- ¡Fiss! Here! Not much explaination to this one, except the style represents the ôverall sloppîness of an interjection. «Fiss» is an interjection I say alot. 2006
NEW: Amanda Here! A friend of my sister. early 2006 Invesion- Chocolat Here! My first inversion, not ônly in French, but has a style of it's ôwn. 2006 Inversion- FUNCTIONAL Here! My second inversion with a plan'd style. I put môre thought into this one; not ônly did I use a style, but the turnable-ness represents, perhapes, a turnîng of a gear. Early 2006
Inversion-Neige Here! Fourth inversion with a plan'd style. Neige means snow in French. Ironicly, the snow was comîng to a hâlt that time of year. Very, very early 2006 Inversion-Julia Here! Tribute to a cousin of mine, Julia. 2005/2006 NEW: Dickson Here!

Made for a blind man. I helped him figure it out. :) 2006

NEW: Dale Here! Dedicated to a firend of dad's who died in the summer. Summer 2006 NEW: Bella Here! Another family friend. This is for the mirror. 2006 NEW: Jörg <Joerg> Blech Here! Another family friend. The name "Jörg" is pronounced "York." 2006 or 2005

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